Friday, December 30, 2011

31st Australian Club Class Nationals

Two very serious competition pilots are ready to go again. We are heading to Benalla for the 31st Australian Club Class Nationals tomorrow morning. The actual comp starts January 3rd after two preceding official practice days. We will stay in Benalla till Jan 14th.
Everything is ready to go and all we have to do in the morning is hook up the trailer and hit the road. We are planning on doing it fairly early to beat the heat. The temps are heading towards high 30's and maybe even low 40's in the next few days. There is also a big New Years Eve party starting tomorrow evening at the field and we don't wanna be late.
It looks like it's gonna be one of the biggest competitions in Australia. The entry list (confirmed and payed entries) is just huge and consists of top-names only:

Looks like a big challenge.

Benalla - we're coming!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

We are not really into big Christmas celebrations with all the surrounding chaos so we used the days in a more useful way.

The glider and trailer are now professionally prepared for the Club Class Nationals in Benalla where we'll be heading in 3 days. We even managed to replace the trailer lights. The original wiring was a mess but after few hours of brain storming we sorted it all out and installed brand new combined LED lights.

has anyone seen a better looking workshop before?

trailer getting in & out pressure wash

Days were extremely hot and humid and I deserved a bit of in & out cool down in the evening.

"fourfeeter szwagier, at least four feet"