Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"back in the saddle again..."

Here we are! Summer is finally here. We spent the whole last week in Waikerie getting some practice in before the Nationals in Benalla in a few weeks. XM needed some fine tuning including software updates for LX9000, flarm, vario and the mighty flap sensor.

There was no really booming weather so no records were set but we still had lots of fun with a great crowd and clocked some hours each.

photo by Gonski

yes, even Australia can offer windy, low, blue and crappy days

personal alarm clocks as soon as the sun is up

I was really slack with keeping log of my flying hours for the last ... hmmmm ... few years ,,, and had to sit down for hours and hours to fill them into my logbook. Luckily I had all flights on my computer. It was still painful and I promised myself never to achieve this level of slackness again ;)

job done for the day for the alarm clocks

Going to Benalla this time will mean a looong drive. It's much further away now and we'll need the whole day to get there from Waikerie. This means that we'll have to get to Waikerie a day earlier, get everything ready and hit the road to Victoria early in the morning. We will be exploring a new route which we've never driven before so it's still gonna be fun.

And this time we have the whole Waikerie team going with us. Grant, Craig and Hayden are flying too and except for Grant we are all in 18 m class. Grant had chosen the big wings and will fly in open class in his gorgeous ASG31Mi.

And here is a sequence of photos from last Saturday. Note Ziggy's outfit, particularly his shoes. He said to me that morning: "I'm flying a porshe so why should I wear crap". Well, I think he's right ;)

Zig on tow

such a skinny wings and so strong at the same time

"concentration" is the word written on his face