Monday, July 2, 2012

more hiking

It sort of turned into a habit and Krystyna is taking me for a hike every Wednesday. We are going for a more difficult one every time but the views are so worth it! It is just unbelievable how many beautiful spots are around here. Mountains, lakes, forests, water falls ... unreal.

MacKenzie falls

The paths are pretty steep so sometimes you have to use your legs and both arms to be able to move forward. Sliding down on your butt is not unusual either. Physically pretty demanding but so much fun.

I have no problem flying a glider or a plane but I don't really fancy big heights on other occasions so climbing steep paths is not my favorite. I'm just thinking to much about what would have happened if ... Still I couldn't stop myself from getting the following pictures. I think the view is just unreal and it almost looks like photoshoped.

it looked solid enough to hold my weight ... and it did
My physical fitness is not really on top due to barely doing anything for years. To change it I took up few activities some time ago and luckily got hooked and stick to it. 

I am transporting my precious body about 7-8km in a very brisk pace on foot almost every morning and started doing something I have been always wanting to do.

Be afraid, be very afraid ... the new Wimbledon star is rising. I'm really enjoying this activity and the coach suggested I should sign up for a tournament soon. Maybe I should start with a low profile one here in Horsham before I go and upset words No.1 somewhere else ;-)

But seriously, it's great fun and causes sore muscles in places where I didn't even know I had any. I can also see visible progress which is very motivating and makes you wanna go for more.