Monday, October 13, 2014

extended weekend in Adelaide

We went for a big GP conference in Adelaide end of last week and the weekend. Ziggy attended diverse lectures and workshops and I was wandering around and sightseeing. The biggest highlight for me was a cocktail party in the ZOO where I met Cooper - the most beautiful owl in the world.

I could stay there and watch him for hours

Few drinks later professional people were lining up for face painting. Most of them got animal inspired designs. We just asked the lady to do whatever she felt like and this is what she came up with:

he's always trying to look scary

It was, as always, great fun in Adelaide.

one more Wilga driver

Congrats to Richard for soloing in Wilga after just a couple of flights! Well done mate. Richard will be flying her towing in Waikerie. We had a great weekend with Richard, Heather and Nigel visiting. Everyone got to fly Wilga and Nigel clearly showed how much he can trust Richard getting his lovely wife Heather to be his passenger in his first solo!

it takes some time to get her in the air

Griffo checking on Richard before his first solo

full concentration

Our friend Lothar came too and we did some work on his glider with Nigel directing the proper lock-wiring.

Zig got tired knowing that there will still be some work to be done around the house. He's got a brand new vacuum/blower so it was really easy to motivate him to test it. He loves his gadgets and I'm not allowed to touch them ;)

it's good to have this one in the hangar

all loose leaves have to go ... no mercy

little lime tree growing in the barrel

he even managed to clean the garage