Sunday, April 21, 2013

there is posters and Posters

I just have to share it. We finally got the "decorating" stage of our new house. The most important deco are two posters that we got from our dear friend Tom Stowers. They were professionally framed and finally found their home on the walls. One of them is the very first thing you see after entering our place. Ziggy is very proud of it and keeps telling everyone that he doesn't have to make the choice and can have all three at once ;-)


Another one is by Ansel Adams (Denali National Park in Alaska) with beautiful clouds. This black-white landscape found its place over the dining table.

Speaking of posters, the official Women's World Championships poser is out. It's kinda cool. It's all in French though. I think this is just the way people are over there. We were on accommodation search for the championships period and sent few emails here and there regarding availability. Funny enough the responds came in French. Some of them we could figure out but some had to go through Google Translator. It's pretty unusual in tourism industry anywhere else in the world. We'll see how we go when we get there ;) Good thing is that accommodation is already all sorted out and booked. Anything else we'll figure out as we go ...