Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Great news to report. It's all done and completed. I have received:

The news came on Friday, we celebrated all weekend long and everybody was saying:

Yes, I do feel home :)

back home

We are back home in Horsham and both back at work. It takes a while to switch from the flying holiday back to working mode but we're doing all right. It's not for long though cause we'll be back in Waikerie in 4 weeks for the Nationals.

Waikerie airfield

Murray River

the Capital City

not the irrigated and green glider launch pads

the surrounding landscape

We had a great weekend in Adelaide, where we caught up with friends and picked up the hangar keys to get my old friend ASG29E TF and take her to Waikerie. We'll be going there end of December just in time for the big New Years Eve party. Can't wait.

selfie ... well at least it's not in a dirty bathroom mirror

Waikerie airfield again

where the big scrub starts and never ends

Waikerie is always fun, even if there is no flying:

Banrock winery lunch