Thursday, January 1, 2015

back to Waikerie

Here we are, back in Waikerie again. We arrived last night on New Years Eve and were getting everything ready for tomorrow ... As always, big plans and forecast for THE DAY. As always though, the forecast changes the night before. Previous one was predicting Cu's @ 17.000 ft, now it's down to 12.000 ft and blue. Let me guess, in the morning it's gonna go down to 5.000-6.000 ft in the blue and it will take hours to cook up. The max temperature is predicted to be around 42 degrees C. We are not giving up on our hopes and I have a 750 km triangle (with 15-m tips) ready to go. Others are still believing in their 1000's with Craig leading the crowd with his 1117 km FAI triangle planned. We will see :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

one more solo

I soloed in a model glider on Saturday ... and guess what - it's still in one piece!

We had a great Christmas time with friends in Robe ... Our Forester is well capable of handling sand dunes and rocks with 5 people on board. This is really cool!

long beach - 16 km

Ziggy chasing gulls

man, we're good

FIGJAM - F... I'm Good Just Ask Me! My dear friend Rhonda will kill me for posting this but I will anyway. Here it is, earned with our awesome team work:

And by the way, my braces are off and the teeth look unreal. I still have to wear retainers most of the time for the next 3 months and then only at night.

We are now packing to leave for Waikerie on Wednesday. We will limit celebrating New Years Eve as predictions are for a 17,000 ft day on Friday. Can this be true or am I just dreaming? We will find out!