Thursday, May 24, 2012

just had to

I just had to post these 2 pictures just taken from our front porch. Isn't it amazing?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend in Sydney

Yes, the even bigger smoke was on last weekend and we couldn't be more lucky with the weather. It was just awesome warm and blue. The amount of walking done was exhausting but soooo worth it. Sydney really is a great big city with something to see and do for every taste.

large bunny flat white

brekkie company

they can't say no to sugar

sweet and friendly

We were sitting close to the famous Opera House, having a nice coffee and watching thousands of tourists passing by. Among them were 2 young girls asking a guy to take a picture of them. A small talk developed and it quickly turned out that the girls were from Armenia and the guy was a PILOT from the USA. We couldn't stop laughing thinking of the joke we've heard not so long ago:

- "How do you know a pilot walked in the room?"
- "He will tell ya!"

And that's exactly what it was:

Guy: "So where are you folks from?"
one of the girls: "Armenia. How about you?"
Guy: "USA. I'm a pilot."

Way too funny and so true ...

my new buddy

one more

the oldest still standing building in Sydney

We took a short Harbor Highlights cruise to see the city from the water perspective. This guided tour was very nice and interesting.

leaving for the cruise

the picture every tourist has to have

wedding boat

Passing this boat we couldn't stop ourselves from yelling to the guy: "Run while you still can!" He seemed to know better though and didn't take this advice seriously ...

people enjoying the beautiful day

can there be anything more Sydney?

There is a military base not to far away from the Opera so this view might not be a special as we thought but still I don't think you get it every day:

Sydney is an example of perfect symbiosis of the old and new. The first settlements melt with new architecture and modern art creating very sophisticated one of a kind structures. There is something with the "wow factor" behind every corner and it makes you wanting not to stop walking till your feet bleed.

did I just say old and new? ;-)

Modern Art Gallery

The weather knew exactly when to turn bad and we were departing Sydney in pouring rain. Only some 15 minutes into the flight it all cleared up and sun welcomed us back in Melbourne.

on cruise along the coast


downtown Melbourne on the horizon

capturing ILS or coming in on visual?