Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spring ... where are you?

It is still cold here and it doesn't feel like spring at all. We hope though that this is the last winter week. Some say the weather pattern is similar to what it was in the 70's and this might mean a very good gliding season. We will see.
In the meantime we're performing all possible hangar tasks and already derigged the Pegase for Form 2 inspection. This is also a good chance to upgrade the instruments. The Pegase is getting a CAI 303 display to make the CAI 302 vario fully functional and also a new less power consuming radio. I will do all these and hope to have to glider ready to go by the next weekend.
Griffo took me up for few patterns in his C150 last weekend. You can clearly see that summer is still a long way ahead. It's all sooooo green!

flat and green as far as the eye can see

who's flying this plane?

downtown Horsham ;)

home sweet home - final for 17

After my qualifications have been recognized I was able to apply for a membership with Engineers Australia. I did so and just got a nice certificate and a membership card in the mail:

We are going to Geelong for the yearly family event with the Engineers. Sounds like fun but let's hope the temperatures will climb at least just a bit higher so that we can enjoy the beach.