Sunday, April 14, 2013

racing in gliders and go karts

It is funny how quickly days and weeks go by when you're working full time. There is not enough time to update this blog since I joined the Australian work force. I still enjoy it though have no problems getting up early every morning.
Weekends are busy too working in and around our new house. There is always something to do. Ziggy loves his little projects and keeps upgrading everything. In fact he just proudly presented his new broom holder that he put on the garage wall. I am impressed :-)
There is still some flying going on here and autumn doesn't really wanna come. We still had temperatures around +30C last week. Ziggy declared and flew a 100 km triangle with an average speed of 120 km/h last week. The 55 was empty, no water whatsoever. I think this is a very good result.

getting ready for a nice flight

looking good, Zig!

shortly before take-off from 35

old & old like eachother

The Entertainer

Couple of weeks ago Paul and Leon took us for go-kart racing. I've done it few times before in my life and enjoyed it big time. We were privileged to drive their very professional and fast karts. They are really fast, I can tell ya! We spent the whole day over there and the boys were teaching us how to do it properly.

I'm ready boss!


way to go

go Zig!

raised hand means he's going to the pit stop

Paul explaining to me how to follow him on the optimal track

here we go!


Bit more practice and we could be competitive, I think.

First though, I have to concentrate on the upcoming gliding world championships that I have to win in June/July ;-) We are almost all set for the trip. Flights are booked and the glider will be ready waiting for us in Germany. Just the tiny "winning" bit remains but we'll get that sorted as well. I'm getting excited. We will also catch up with my mom whom we haven't seen for almost two years and Ziggy is already ordering typical Polish meals that he misses a bit.