Sunday, October 27, 2013

powered flying

I have no idea why it took us so long to figure this out. We finally joined the GA aero club based at Horsham and have wings not only to tow but also to go to places. Once it gets warmer we'll be flying to the ocean again.
In the meanwhile we did some flying around. It would be better to do it with closed fuel cap though. Luckily they are hanging on little chains so you don't loose them. All they do is bang on the wing especially once you put full flaps down for landing. It wasn't all my fault since I haven't filled the plane up but I, as a pilot, should have checked them before we went up. One more lesson learned and about 20 liters of fuel released in the air.


not a selfie this time

enjoying all the green - it's not gonna be here for long

with my first officer

looking down

good enough for everything

Just Soaring

It has always been a dream and now it starts coming true. We set up our own gliding club. It's not a club we all know though. The concept is different. There is no assets, there is no training, no joy flights, no members recruitment, no working bees and ... no hassle.
The main goal is to promote and encourage cross country and record flying. You bring you glider and ambitious plans with you and we'll help you realize them. We'll give you a tow and pick you from a paddock if that becomes necessary. This is a club for our friends to come over and enjoy the great soaring site.

We just put up the big sign over the hangar doors and did some Spring cleaning inside. We finally have all Wilga parts together so that she can go to Tony's for service in the next days.

sign ready to go up

Thank you Barry for doing all the hard work

the action was like a magnet

all up and looking good
work bench where there is not much work going on

briefing corner

certificate of registration

the hangar

fridge was filled until after 5 o'clock when first visitors came


all my screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, split pins etc. finally neatly sorted