Monday, May 5, 2014

and here she is flying again

Graham and XM are back in the air - at last. It looks like it always takes longer to get airborne in France. Nothing is straight forward there but things, opinions and rules are changing on a daily basis so you might get lucky eventually.

beautiful scenery for Graham and XM to enjoy

We are now organising shipping of XM to Australia. She will go on the boat as soon as possible after Graham and Mark drop her off in Poppenhausen. The coming season will be a record season for me again. I am already planning my tasks and Horsham has the potential - you bet. There will be long and fast tasks and I can't get a better ship for that than the beautiful XM - so no excuses!

Here is an amazing photo from Graham's GoPro. One can only hope there is some landscape looking less scary and more friendly than that:

shorts? it's gotta be warm ... or low

The racing starts very soon and we're already keeping our fingers crossed. Go for it!

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