Friday, August 1, 2014

International Night

The International Night was very successful with lots of great food and drinks. Some will be suffering badly today ... The weather looks 50/50 to me but we have grid time already set so we're getting ready. We are right at the edge of the front that was overhead yesterday so when it moves a bit more to the east it will clear up here and become soarable to the west.

Aussie table

how is it going Zig?

Craig, Gonski, Zig, Stefan and Peter

go up Diana!

posing for a huge group photo taken from a crane

people thought I had a real tattoo on my arm

Ziggy with Sebastian and Asia, the Polish team sports psychologist

We were serving Vegemite sandwiches, Australian wine, Foster's beer and Bundy with Coke. As expected, Vegemite wasn't the European's favorite but there was one huge surprise. Sebastian kept adding more and more of it to his sandwiches ... who would expect that?

It was a great party with people talking, eating, drinking and dancing together. I was looking at the hangar full of flags and people from all over the world and had this simple reflection: why would anyone want to have wars? We are all here on this planet for just a very short period of time ... why not have fun instead? Well, we had great fun and we continue doing it for as long as we can.

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