Tuesday, September 16, 2014

goodbye XT

Keeping too many toys doesn't really make sense in a long run so we decided it's time to say goodbye to XT. She's been the most beautiful glider and in fact contributed to the fact that we both have met. So it wasn't an easy decision but we agreed to give it a go and put her on the market to see what happens. For whatever reason we nailed it again and got a perfect buyer. 10 minutes on the phone and: "take it off the market, I'll buy it". Hang on ... don't you even want to talk about the price??? Nope, John decided it is great value for money and he's taking it as is.

We personally met John last weekend and are sure XT is going into good hands. Both John and XT are on the road since Sunday morning and hope to get home by Friday. Yes, this is a big country and John lives in Perth, Western Australia, ca. 3000 km one way. Great test for the trailer I would say.

just a few last tips

all hooked up

have a safe one!

It is not easy to admit be we do get attached to things. Especially when they are the cause for most beautiful moments in our lives and flying a glider is certainly one of them. We will miss you XT ...

To get occupied with something I initiated the long paperwork battle to get XM registered in Australia. I'm pretty sure I'm looking at at least a dozen application forms with endless attachments to all of them.

Ziggy's way of coping is ... pressure washing. He was so into it on Sunday that he managed to kill the Karcher. It happened for the third time and he got so annoyed with getting it repaired that we ended up buying a new one. The old one will from now on serve as a spare parts donor should Ziggy one day kill the new one.

Our dreams of getting XM in the air by the end of the month are fading away. This is just not gonna happen. Too much to do, too many people and organisations to rely on. Oh well, that's life I guess ...

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