Sunday, October 9, 2011

beauty of country living

How do you know you live in the country? You drive down to Subway to grab some lunch on the way to the airfield and pass this weekend sale:

what a bargain!

Another country living sign is the fact that you reach the airfield with your sandwiches in the bag after another 10 minutes. Lovely!

Phil with his stalker plane framed in

Zig adding the final touch to our renovated workshop

Weather was quite nice and some decided to go for a flight.

low tow in progress

We don't need no stinky engines! And that's why:

you spend more time fixing it than flying

Everyone wanted to have a go on the roller:

"thermals are weak and narrow today"

"I couldn't find anything"

"me neither"

Ziggy decided to show them all how to work with these weak and narrow thermals. I was just sitting in the back with my camera and didn't help a bit. Really ;-)

Zig Thermalator

Since we were the last ones in the raw we could allow ourselves to stay up longer and landed just in time for the club dinner and meeting. It was still soarable though - much better than in Sweden. Much, much better.

our new runway almost done

Extra landing after 2 go-around's caused by a glider on the runway

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