Saturday, July 6, 2013

another day in the air

Weather finally improved and we got to fly yesterday. It was very challenging and hard work again. 3500 ft AGL at the most and 2.5 kts or so average lift. Asia and myself managed again to team fly. We were apart few times but eventually found together again. I'm really happy with flying with her. We have never done it before and it just works. It gives me more confidence and we can drag each other along the task if one struggles. I'm enjoying it.

Here are yesterdays results:

And total after 3 flying days:

photo by Ogonek

We've got a longer task today. Interesting cause the weather doesn't look much better than yesterday. We are still better off than Club and Standard classes - they have racing tasks over 400 km each. We have an AAT, 4:30 hours, between 370 and 590 km. I'm not a fan of AAT's but with this weather forecast I'm pretty happy with it.
Gliders are on the grid, all ready and the first launch will be at noon.

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