Friday, July 5, 2013

sunny morning

Finally we woke up to see sun in the sky! There is a bit of a worry with Cu's developing really quickly and spreading this early in the morning. Let's hope it will recycle again and we will get some normal soaring conditions today.
We went out for a fancy French dinner last night. 4 courses and some wine (not too much though). It was very nice although I have to say it again: nothing can beat Ziggy's steaks. I think the problem here is that they don't have to best quality beef. It was nicely done and tasty but meat was chewy. Anyway, we had a nice night out. Probably the last one for now as the weather has improved and we will be flying so there will be no time for fancy dining.

We're now waiting for the briefing. Gliders are already lined up on runway 11. All are keen to fly today :)

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