Friday, August 28, 2015

feels like spring!

It definitely feels and smells like it. Last weekend was the time to take XM out of her winter sleep and let some fresh air around her.
We cleaned all the dust of these beautiful Jaxida covers and let them dry in the sun. XM got a proper wash, some more air into the wheel and was good to go. I checked in the book and the last time we gave the engine a run was in November last year ... whooops ... it's a long time and chances were it won't start.

check out the varios! - behind WGC, what a tug!

Guess what? We must be really lucky. This engine has been running beautifully from the first day on. We never had any problems starting it. It's very reliable. And so was it this time. It took a little while longer for all the lines to fill again and the beast started like it's been run the day before. It made me very happy. So happy that I decided to check out the clouds from the other perspective - from above!

how is this for a selfie?

OK, I got up there cheating a bit. The engine needed a good 10 minute run so that was a good excuse. As always, it was amazingly smooth above the clouds.
Then it was Ziggy's turn and he had fun too. He also couldn't help himself and, after we put the glider away, went back to our caravan and worked on it till it got dark and Jean was calling for dinner. It was a good and physically exhausting weekend.

you gotta love this wing surface

I think we're pretty much ready for the season :)

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  1. When it hasn't run for a while the trick is to prime the lines before takeoff. There is a small hole at the back of the carby; poke a wire in here with the fuel pump going, gurgle gurgle, the lines fill with fuel and she starts instantly in the air.

    Reminds me, must get TF out. She must be cold and lonely.