Tuesday, October 6, 2015

new career?

Man, we're good. It's been a hot weekend topping 36 degrees yesterday but we got a hell of a lot done.

When we bought the house, there was this horrible old gazebo sitting in the far corner of the backyard. Ziggy was trying his best getting anyone to come and just take it. It didn't work. It was quite clear the roof was gone with holes everywhere but we decided to try the pressure washer on the rest and see how "healthy" the timber is. With the pressure washer and some chemicals, it turned out that it's actually savable.

We took off the roof and got a guy to quote on the new one. $2,700 just for the labor, materials not included seemed ridiculous - he obviously didn't want the job. It took us a while to figure out how we're gonna construct the new roof and we came up with the easiest solution possible.

The gazebo before (the day we bought the house):

And yesterday:

just before the final closing-up touches

the task is to squeeze through the hole, close it, seal it, paint it and get down without falling off the roof

someone always gets the s... job

So here it is and it did cost about $400-500 all up. I think we can now open up a "hopeless looking gazebo restoration service". New careers for both of us?

Ziggy can also do the "Construction Site Manager And Know Everything Better" job:

or the "I Can Do It Better Before The Landscapers Turn Up" job:

It was also a quite windy weekend with a wave forming off the Adelaide Hills:

it's not about the roof or chimney, it's about the lennie behind

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